Hello world!

Hello world!

I’m a 40 year old Russian Brit, and this blog is about my journey in business and

all learnings that come along. I see business venture to be very much alike

childrearing: it’s about all the important things one has to do to make your baby

independent, strong, happy, sociable and long lived. Giving birth to an idea is

only a start, its about all the effort, thinking, time and dedication one invests,

about maintaining your own resource, about being open and flexible, about

listening and noticing the signs and cues, and essentially about bringing up

something bigger than yourself.

I grew up in relative stability of Soviet Union only to see it’s collapsing in front of

my eyes. While queuing for food may not be something one enjoys at the age of

10, it also taught be a great deal about independence, bravery and seeing an

opportunity. At the age of 12 I was selling self made goods on the stall and

earning my first profits, dealing with my first customers, managing risks and

supplies, overcoming my natural shyness and enjoying being in charge.

I’ve spent a year in China at the age of 19 working on the wholesale market and

waiting tables in the night club. I’ve got my first job at the age of 20 as an

assistant, and then my career went up becoming a marketing director at the age

of 23, moving to work as a regional rep for Sony at the age of 24, travelling

around Eastern Europe striking deals and setting up distribution until I moved to

London at the age of 31 to take position of the sales and marketing director for

Sony. I then went on rebuilding Sony’s licensing business, assembling a team,

setting goals and managing P&L. I gave birth to 2 of my children and along the

way worked my way up to Vice President of International Licensing. I travelled

the world and oversaw business across the globe, from far east Asia to Africa,

Eastern Europe and Latin America. I then moved to VP role in Global Customer

expanding my experience from hands on business management in emerging

markets to dealing with strategic projects with global accounts like Walmart and

Amazon. In 2014 I’ve moved to 20 th Century Fox to head retail development in

Europe, and launched my own business in property which I’m passionate about.

My company No White Walls is a unique player on the UK property market,

creating new breed of living spaces for professional people. It follows the

philosophy of sharing economy, creating uniquely personal rented

accommodation for people who choose to socialize and enjoy each other’s

company yet prefer quality and personal touch of modern luxury. We’re offering

designer housesharing and building community between people who live with


I have a parenting blog Woman From Mars (www.womanfrommars.com) where

I reflect on what is the modern woman and how she ‘has it all’, on my parenting

philosophy and challenges we face. I often find how my work experience in

negotiation, planning, strategy, management and leadership reflects on my

parenting, and visa versa, how being a mum and a parent enhances my business

skills and gives me a new perspective on rearing my 3 rd child – my business


I often feel like I’m living multiple lives, and while I’ve decided to dedicate a

separate blog to my business related thoughts, my vision is that we all have ONE

life, not pieces we have to juggle, but one complete and full life, where family and

business are in harmony. Yet, this blog is going to be about business, and you are


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